4 Differences between Boom pumps and Line pumps 

When we think about concrete pumps, there are 2 types of pumps that come to mind – boom pumps and line pumps. We all know that fixing the concrete is an impervious task. It can create chaos in an area where there is not much space for the laborers to pass by. It can ultimately affect your construction work and lead it to delay. To fix this problem, you need some effective method and that’s when Concrete Pumps come into the picture. It will help you to transfer concrete even in an area. If you hire concrete pumping services then make sure you go for professional and expert concrete pumping suppliers to get the finest outcomes.

When it is not possible for the laborers to place the concrete in an area, Concrete pumps help to transfer the liquid concrete. With the help of a pump, concrete should be transferred to the ready mix machine as the concrete pump is placed at a place far from the project area. These pumps have the capability of providing constant output and transferring concrete to the specified area.

So, you have two options to transfer the concrete through, they are – boom pumps and line pumps. But do you know when to use boom pumps or when to use line pumps? Don’t worry, keep reading this article and you will get all your questions answered.

Boom pumps vs Line pumps

These pumps will help you in transferring your concrete from one place to another without changing your machine. So, let’s start with the advantages of Boom pumps

Boom Pump:

Advantages of Concrete Boom Pump

  • Concrete boom pump can be connected self pipeline, there is no need to reprovision the pipeline
  • It is flexible to rotate as it contains a hydraulic roll-fold boom
  • It is very convenient and offers fast speed pumping usually 90m3 / h -150m3 / h, very high efficiency.
  • One person can easily operate it through a wireless remote control system,
  • It offers rapid procedure, when the first project is finished it is immediately transferred to another one.

Disadvantages of Concrete Boom Pump

  • As the concrete boom pump machine is very heavy, it will always cause a risky situation for the construction workers. This can also cause a bigger loss or heavy damage to the property.

Application of Concrete Boom Pump

Concrete Boom Pump is known for its high volume capacity. If you have a large scale project that requires a large amount of concrete then a boom pump is the best choice you have and makes your process efficient with its several advantages.

Line pumps:

Advantages of Concrete Line Pump

  • Concrete Line Pump is faster as the pump is mounted on a trailer and delivers concrete at the site without any inconvenience
  • Delivers concrete at inaccessible sites because of expandable hoses
  • It is highly beneficial for horizontal pumping
  • It is the perfect choice for construction projects which are closer to the ground like sidewalks and a swimming pool.

Disadvantages of Concrete Line Pump

  • Concrete Line Pump is good for small projects
  • It is also risky for the construction workers and other surrounding properties

Application of Concrete Line Pump

As this pump has a lower volume capacity and easy flexibility you can use this pump at smaller residential projects. You can use it for constructing a swimming pool or repaving a driveway.

Wrapping Up

We hope that all your answers about concrete pumps and their types are now clear. Concrete pumps are clearly offering construction project ease and efficiency with the transfer of concrete effectively from one place to another. If you are in a big project of construction then going for boom pumps will be the best option and the line pump will be a suitable option for small construction projects.

The line pump provides you more flexibility as you can deliver the concrete in any inaccessible place. You can also save more money while adopting a line pump rather than going for a boom pump. Make sure you always hire professional ready mix concrete services to get the best advantages for your construction project.

So, now the confusion is totally clear of when to use a line pump and when to use a boom pump. Let’s make the next project more advanced and efficient.

All the best!

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