Ready Mix Concrete in Bromley from £65.00 per metre

At Ready Mix Specialists, we are devoted to providing top quality ready mix concrete for both residential and commercial construction projects in Bromley. We offer different grades of ready mix concrete such as C5 / C10 / C15 / C20 / C25 / C30 / C35 / C40. So, whether you are constructing a home or you are working on a large-scale road construction project, you can rely on us for quality concrete.

If you are an individual and want to carry out a small “Do It Yourself” home renovation project but have little idea about different types of concrete, our concrete experts will guide you in choosing the right concrete grade for your project.

We pride ourselves on having highly enthusiastic and accomplished concrete experts, who never hesitate to go a step further to satisfy your unique requirements. Our team maintains constant communication with you to understand your specifications in a better way and to avoid confusions.

We do not leave any room for doubts, which makes it easier for us to provide top quality concrete to each client.

Ready Mix Specialists Provides Following Services in Bromley

  • On-Site Concrete
  • Concrete Screed
  • Concrete Pumping
  • Boom Pumps
  • Line Pumps

Our concrete experts consider each client as a valuable possession, so they work extremely hard to exceed their expectations.

We never disappoint you by compromising on the quality or by delaying the delivery process. Our team uses high-end vehicles to deliver your product safely at your doorsteps. We strive to reduce your wastage and save time by providing the right amount of ready mix concrete within the deadline.

One of our most important goals is to help you build long-lasting buildings within the budget.

So, if you are thinking about ordering quality ready mix concrete or want to hire the top quality concrete pumps in Bromley, get in touch with Ready Mix Specialists without further ado.


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