Ready Mix Specialists is one of the most trusted providers of Quality concrete mix in London, Essex & Kent. With years of experience, excellent technical skills, and a vast range of high-end vehicles, we remain the top choice of customers for obtaining different types of concrete grades.

Whether you need quality concrete mixes for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, we have got you covered. The quality that distinguishes us from others is our unwavering desire to provide our clients with top quality concrete.

Our proficient team of concrete experts tailor concrete mixes as per your specifications. Whether you need it for constructing residential floors, commercial building foundations, roads, bridges, industrial estate floors, or for driveways and walkways, we deliver first-rate concrete mix straight at your construction site.

Satisfying your needs is our ultimate priority, so we go a step further to exceed your expectations.

For Concrete Prices, Grades & Delivery Locations, Click Here.

For Concrete Prices, Grades & Delivery Locations, Click Here.

Ready Mix Specialists Offers Following Concrete Grades


  • We supply C5 concrete for both commercial and domestic projects
  • Used extensively for blinding, C5 is a wet lean concrete
  • It’s also an ideal option for Kerb bending


  • We also deliver C10 concrete that’s used mainly for patios, pathways, and non-structural construction
  • It is equally an ideal choice for trench fill, pad foundations, drainage construction, and blinding


  • We offer C15 for constructing walls and other construction works
  • It’s suitable for building sheds and conservatories
  • It’s also a preferred option for house floors


  • Our experts are also well aware of the technicalities of producing C20 concrete
  • C20 concrete is the perfect option for domestic floors and foundations
  • It’s also ideal for internal floor slabs, workshops, and garages


  • Our accomplished professionals can also deliver C25 for residential and commercial construction projects
  • It’s suitable for footings, foundations, & trench fill
  • It’s a highly multifunctional concrete


  • We are also familiar with the production of C30 concrete
  • It’s desirable for pathways, driveways, patios and more
  • It’s durable and can resist the impact of extreme weather conditions


  • We provide C35 concrete to a wide range of customers
  • It’s a highly appropriate option for constructing commercial structures
  • It’s excellent for building foundations and beams


  • It’s one of the most durable concrete mix
  • Used extensively for commercial structures, C40 is ideal for external slabs and walls

So, if you are looking for durable investing in quality concrete mix in London, Essex & Kent look no further than Ready Mix Specialists. For more information, please call 0808 274 0949


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For Concrete Prices, Grades & Delivery Locations, Click Here.