A Detailed Guide on the Production & Transportation of Ready Mix Concrete

Manufactured in a concrete batching plant; ready mix concrete is ideal for constructing high-rise buildings, quality bridges, long-lasting flyovers, and low maintenance roads, etc. The batching plant is nothing but an advanced machine that produces ready mix concrete by mixing a precise amount of sand, cement, aggregates, and water.

It consists of several crucial parts and accessories such as mixers, conveyors, aggregate bins, cement bins, radial stackers, and heaters, etc., which help in producing quality ready mix concrete.

Ways of Producing Ready Mix Concrete

You can produce ready mix concrete by using two different kinds of concrete batching plants which include “Dry Mix Plants” and “Wet Mix Plants.” While producing ready mix concrete by using a dry mix plant, experts mix all the ingredients in precise amounts except for water, and then the mixture is kept in a ready mix truck.

After loading the mixture in a ready mix truck, which transports the ready mix concrete to your job site, experts add water to it, so that it can be combined effectively with the mixture during the transportation process.

If you are working on a small scale project, you can opt for this kind of ready mix concrete.

On the other hand, when a concrete supplier produces ready mix concrete by using a wet mix plant, the experts combine all the essential ingredients such as sand, cement, and aggregates with water, and create the mix under controlled conditions.

The concrete supplier then uses mixer trucks to transport it to the construction sites.

The introduction of ready mix concrete has made it easier for general contractors and builders to accomplish their projects within deadlines and in their budgets. Earlier when ready mix concrete was not that common, the cases of budget overruns were more common when compared to modern times.

Today, you can order your material in exact quantities, which is an excellent way of saving wastage.

Ready mix concrete not only helps in saving material and reducing the overall cost of the project, but it also helps in keeping the site organized, which reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

One of the most important benefits of using ready mix concrete in construction is it helps in enhancing efficiency. Apart from that, contractors do not have to arrange storage for safeguarding raw materials such as sand, cement, and aggregates, which plays a crucial role in minimizing project cost.

Besides, general contractors don’t have to spend their time in hiring more skilled workers because most of the onsite activities are carried out with the assistance of advanced machines. In short, you need very few laborers if you are using ready mix concrete.

Ordering ready mix concrete is not only convenient, but the concrete suppliers also deliver it to your location without wasting any time.

They do not make you wait for your product, which helps in streamlining construction activities. You can stick to your schedules as planned. It’s the perfect option for all sizes of residential, commercial and industrial projects. All you have to do is, find a reliable ready mix concrete supplier like Ready Mix Specialists, and order the exact amount of ready mix concrete that you require.

Shortlist the top five concrete suppliers in your city, and then compare their prices. Also, before you finalize a deal, make sure that you read a couple of customer reviews about each company so that you can get a detailed idea about how reliable they are.

Once you finalize the company, send clear and concise specifications to them, so that they can produce the kind of ready mix concrete you require for your project. You will only get your ready mix concrete in right strength and consistency if you provide clear specifications to your concrete supplier.

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