All Basics You Need To Know About Ready Mix Concrete

Are you considering ready mix concrete for your construction project? If your answer is yes, you should first get a clear idea before you opt for this option. We will let you know about all the basics of ready mixed concrete in this comprehensive guide to make your work easy. So, now, let’s begin with our detailed discussion:

What Is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready mix concrete is referred to as concrete manufactured as per a set mix design in the central batching and mixing plant instead of the main construction site. Manufacturers are involved in mixing gravel, sand, water and cement to prepare this concrete.

You need to contact a reputed concrete supplier who will deliver the mixture in fresh condition to your construction site whenever you need this. The best part about this option is that you will get the concrete according to your unique project requirements. So, you do not have to be concerned about anything.

Another essential thing to note in this aspect is that the transportation of the ready mixed concrete is done in a specially designed truck known as a transit mixer. In these particular trucks, the concrete is allowed to rotate continuously until placed.

Ready mix concrete is an excellent solution against the site mixed concrete as it requires less effort, time and labour. Again, by choosing the ready mix concrete for your construction project, you would be able to successfully avoid specific problems such as improper water-cement ratio, inadequate mixing time, poor workability, etc. All of these issues are most commonly encountered with the traditional concrete mixes.

Mainly, the delivery of ready mixed concrete to the site occurs in two ways: shrink mix concrete and transit mix concrete. In the case of transit mix concrete, the overall mixing procedure is carried out inside the truck involved in transporting the concrete.

The partial mixing of concrete is done while it is in transit. And once it reaches the final destination, the full mixing of this concrete is done. Mixing the concrete in this manner helps prevent it from hardening during transit.

On the other hand, partial mixing of the shrink mix concrete is done before its transportation. After that, the full mix of this is done as soon as it reaches the construction site. The main advantage of this type of mixing is that it allows the transportation of more concrete at once.

Now let’s talk about the critical benefits of ready mix concrete in the following section:

Advantages That One Can Get By Using Ready Mix Concrete For Their Construction Project

Many factors make ready mixed concrete an excellent option to choose. Below, we have discussed some of the significant benefits that you should know about:

  • Durability

RMC is highly resistant to damage from any source, including fire, explosions, or winds. Even tiny creatures like termites and others cannot harm this material. Thereby, you do not need to apply any special sealants or treatments in this case.
It can also tolerate heavy moisture and extremely high temperatures. Also, it does not warp or decay like other building materials. Thus, it remains unaffected in even the harshest climate conditions.

  • Versatility

Ready mix concrete is considered highly flexible, so one can easily mould this material into any shape. It is the ideal material for making a sculpture, pillar, driveway, etc. Many individuals use chemical admixtures to effectively change the concrete’s porosity, colour, and curing time. It further expands their options for tailoring their projects.

Wrapping Up

The list is long whenever we talk about the benefits of ready mixed concrete. We have enlisted some of the most important ones in this blog post. Hopefully, you have found all of the discussed information very helpful.

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