A Definitive Guide to Choosing A Reliable Ready Mix Concrete Supplier

Ready mix concrete or RMC offers a host of benefits and perhaps that’s the reason it remains the first choice of general contractors irrespective of the kind of construction project that they execute. And since homeowners have also become way too intelligent these days when compared to earlier times ( when getting information was quite difficult) they also suggest construction professionals use it.

In layman’s terms, ready mix concrete is a very high-quality concrete that is manufactured under controlled conditions in a batching plant. And the most important thing about ordering RMC is that it’s produced as per your specifications. So, if you are someone who is aware of all the technicalities of how concrete is produced, you know it well, why you should rely on RMC.

One of the biggest reasons for ordering RMC for your construction project is that it helps in lowering your project cost because you neither need too many laborers nor storage space to keep raw materials. In addition to that, using ready mix concrete helps cut down on waste, so it’s not only great for your project, but also for the environment.

However, when it comes to ordering RMC for your project you have to take care of several things, and one of the most important among them in finding a reliable supplier.

So if you are facing a lot of difficulties in finding the right ready mix company, here are some important tips for you that can simplify your hunt.


Since ready mix concrete is nothing but ready-made concrete, it’s important that it’s delivered to the construction site immediately. Experts believe that it must be delivered to a construction site within one and a half hours of being batched. Therefore, whenever you order RMC make sure that you choose a company that is located nearby your construction site.

If you order concrete from a company that is located far away, then you not only fail to get a quality product but it also ends up enhancing your project cost. Yes, a company that’s located far away from your job site will charge an exorbitant price to deliver ready mix concrete to your job site. In short, if you want to reduce the transportation cost involved in delivering RMC to your job site, stick to a notable nearby company.

Reputation & Reliability

Reputation and reliability are also very important factors that one must consider while choosing a ready mix supplier for their project. You can’t just trust any random company in the market to order quality construction material. So, look for an RMC supplier with a good reputation on which you can rely. Now how to find a reputed RMC supplier is a million dollar question. You must have an appropriate answer to this question, otherwise, you will fail to get what you want.

Well, one of the best ways to find a reputed ready mix company in your area is to search for it over the internet. If you search properly over the internet, you will surely find a number of companies. Shortlist a couple of companies and then visit their websites one by one. Make sure that you check their ‘About Us’ page and ‘Home Page’ effectively so that you can get the correct information.

Also, you should try to online read customer reviews. Stick to a company that has a maximum number of positive reviews.


Experience matters a lot, so don’t just stick to any company in the market, without figuring out since how long they have been offering their services. You can easily go for a company that’s in the market for the last five to six years. Opting the services of an inexperienced company can get you in trouble in more than one ways, so stay away from them.


Cost is unquestionably the most important factor that you should consider while choosing an RMC supplier. You will find a wide range of companies that offer their services at overpriced rates, so it’s important for you to save yourself from such firms.

Before making a final decision compare the rates offered by different companies, and then go for the one that offers its services at a cost-effective rate.

Quality of The Services

Let’s be honest that not every company offers quality services. Therefore, finding a company that provides all the important benefits to customers is extremely imperative.

So, if you are looking for ordering ready mix concrete in London and Essex, you can easily rely on Ready Mix Specialists.

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