Different Types And Variations Of Ready Mix Concrete And Their Advantages

Over the years, with the evolution of the construction industry, many discoveries have widened the sector’s landscapes and generated opportunities to construct new marvels. Ready Mixed Concrete is one of the most revolutionary advances of the industry that has made it possible for the constructors to build stronger, taller, and more sustainable buildings than earlier buildings. 

This concrete mix is not mixed at the site. Instead, it is mixed at a cement factory or manufacturing plant and delivered to the construction site using different modes of transportation. 

Ready mix concrete is prepared from a combination of cement, water and aggregates. It is a versatile mixture that can easily be customized according to specific project requirements by altering the amount of constituting variables according to the desired strength levels. 

In this article, we have described the different types of Concrete mix and their advantages. Read on to know which concrete mix is the best for your project. 

Different Types of Ready Mixed Concrete 

Transit Mixed Concrete 

As the name suggests, transit mixed concrete is prepared while transporting concrete from one place to another. The constituents are added to the transport truck and are mixed thoroughly while in transit.  This type of concrete comes in 3 variations:

  1. Mixed at Job Site – Components are added to the truck at the manufacturing and while travelling to the construction site, the mix is rotated at a slow pace(approximately rotations per minute). After arriving at the site the mixture will go through 70-100 revolutions at a high speed (12-15 revolutions per minute) prior to off-loading. This process ensures that the concrete is smooth and consistent.
  2. Mixed during transit – This variation of transit-mixed concrete is exactly what the name implies. The components of the mix are added to the mixing drum and continuously rotated during transit. Up to approximately 70 rotations per minute, the mix is rotated at a speed of 8RPM and after that, the rotation is slowed down to the speed of 2 RPM until the concrete reaches its destination. 
  3. Concrete Mixed in the Yard – This variation of Transit-mixed concrete is agitated slowly during the transit for about 50 rotations. Once the truck reaches the yard, the mixing drum will turn up the speed up to 12-15 revolutions per minute for approximately 50 revolutions. 

Shrink Mixed Concrete 

Shrink mixed concrete is defined as the concrete mix that is entirely prepared at the manufacturing plants. The components are mixed in appropriate quantities at the batching plants according to the strength requirements. Then the mixture is shifted using concrete pumps for transportation. The main reason behind using shrink-mixed concrete is to increase the loading capacity of the transport vehicle. 

 Central Mixed Concrete 

Also known as wet mixed concrete, central mixed concrete is used when a particular project requires a perfect quality concrete batch. In this method, the mix is first prepared and set at a stationary unit. Then, specific quality tests are carried out on the concrete to ensure strength and quality. Only after the approval of the batch, the mix is transferred to the construction site. 

Incredible Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete 

Consistent Quality 

Ready Mix concrete is prepared using high-tech equipment, high-quality products, and raw materials, allowing perfect measurements of the constituents. Hence the quality of the concrete mix is consistent throughout the process and significantly better than the alternate mixing methods.

Reduced Wastage 

Since ready mixed concrete is prepared using advanced technology and in fixed quantities, perfect measurements can be maintained throughout the production process. This ensures that the risk of faltering in measurements is minimized and the raw materials are utilized optimally. 

Increased Efficiency

The conventional site mixing technique is time-consuming and requires a large labour force. If you select RMC, all you have to do is determine the measurement requirements, place an order, and prepare to deliver ready mix concrete. The entire process is seamless and requires less labour force. This ultimately reduces your overall project cost, improves labour productivity and allows you to complete the project at a stipulated time. 


Due to human negligence, our environment has been highly damaged, and its effects on humankind are evident. Therefore, embracing green construction methods is a top priority for the construction industry. 

On-site mixing of concrete can lead to a lot of wastage, dust emissions and noise pollution, making Ready mix concrete the eco-friendly and sustainable alternative.

Convenient Delivery 

In huge construction projects, delay in carrying out any of the steps can hinder the entire process. When you choose ready mixed concrete, you can avoid the hassle of acquiring different raw materials, scheduling their delivery and storing them properly. RMC offers great convenience as you can receive a high-quality concrete mix within a short period of time right at your site so that you can carry out the process smoothly and meet your expected deadline. 

Signing Off

Are you looking for a convenient, durable, economic and versatile concrete mix for your residential/ commercial construction project? Now you know the answer is Ready Mix Concrete! Contact RMS Concrete today and let our concrete experts assist you. 

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