Everything You Need To Know About Concrete Mixer Trucks for Ready Mix Concrete

Whenever we hear about the construction of any project, concrete is the first thing that comes to mind. Good quality cement, aggregates, water, and admixtures deliver the best quality of ready mix concrete. Ingredients of concrete mixers are predesigned, and if they are not appropriately mixed, then poor-quality concrete may come out of the mixer. It would be more reliable and beneficial to use concrete mixer trucks to mix the concrete properly.


Concrete is made in a concrete mixer to achieve uniformity, and the mixture should not disturb uniformity. An excellent concrete mixer makes a uniform mixture of the ingredients and discharges the mix without affecting uniformity. One can judge the uniformity by the paste’s consistency, texture, and colour. 


Without a concrete mixer, concrete can be mixed manually for smaller projects. It affects the quality of the mix. Hence, it would be more reliable and beneficial to use concrete mixer trucks to mix the concrete properly. 


Whatever method of mixing you choose should be done thoroughly to gain maximum benefits and ensure the even distribution of materials in concrete. Please note that mixing is the central pillar of concrete and is essential for successful applications of concrete. 

How Does A Concrete Mixer Truck Work?

A mixer truck has a rotating drum mounted on the back. It mixes the concrete components, a combination of cement, water, and gravel, to make concrete for your project. Concrete mixer trucks allow the concrete to be made on-site, so workers get more time to use it before it hardens. 

Types of Concrete Mixer Trucks:

Standard Transit Concrete Mixer Truck:

It is one of the most commonly used concrete mixer trucks in the construction industry, where a significant amount of concrete is required. Various transit concrete trucks are available in the market, with a capacity ranging from 2 to 8 cubic metres of substantial output. This type of concrete truck is considered an ideal solution for ready mix concrete applications. 

Rough Terrain Concrete Mixer Truck:

As the name suggested, the rough terrain truck is designed to drive over the most challenging terrains. It is ideal for both remote sites and urban areas. It has a 4⨯4 wheel self-loading truck that can mix, load, and discharge more than 100 cubic metres of concrete daily. It has weight-batching electronic equipment that ensures an efficient concrete mixing process and a slewing; it allows the operators to discharge the concrete from each side of the truck. 

Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck:

This type of truck offers more advantages than traditional concrete mixing machines. It combines a concrete batching plant with a mobile concrete mixer. Ingredients are stored in separate sections, and the truck has a unique mechanism that mixes all raw materials when concrete needs to be made. The operators will estimate the quantity of concrete required for your project. Customers only have to pay for the amount of concrete they use on their construction site, so the waste materials on the site are significantly reduced with a volumetric concrete truck.

Mobile Volumetric Batching Plant:

Like standard volumetric concrete mixers, the mobile concrete batching plant has separate compartments for the concrete ingredients, such as additives and water tanks. When the machine starts, the ingredients of concrete making enter the mixing compartment in the amount required, and ready mix concrete comes out continuously. As the name suggested, it is portable, so the operator can produce the needed quantity while transporting it to the site. 


Before finalizing the concrete mixer for your project, set the budget and determine the applications you want to use the concrete truck. These considerations will help you to choose the most suitable concrete truck for your construction. 


Benefits of Concrete Mixer Trucks: 

  • Fresh concrete available on site: Hiring concrete mixer trucks ensures the concrete you need for your project will always be fresh, regardless of the applications. 
  • Cost-effective: Renting a mobile concrete mixer gives you complete control over the concrete delivery and will save you money.
  • Eco-friendly: Concrete mixer trucks mix the exact amount of concrete required for your projects, resulting in less waste. 
  • Flexible delivery of concrete mix: Mobile mixers can be customized for your concrete needs, irrespective of the project size. Colours, water, and admixtures can be modified as per your requirements. 

Final Words

For mixing concrete ingredients, RMS Ready mix Specialists use continuous or batch mixers, depending upon the quantity of concrete and the cost of your project. Our specialists consider many aspects before mixing the ingredients, such as time, speed, temperature, and air pressure, that influence the properties of concrete. 

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