Factors to Consider Before Choosing Underfloor Heating

Are you on the verge of building your home, and all set with the requirements? Along with hiring a concrete pump for ready-mix concrete, you will need a heat pump for underfloor heating. Underfloor Heating is a trendy and popular option in home construction these days, but there are a lot of points that are essential before it’s installation.

If you are planning to construct your home or thinking to extend your existing plot then underfloor heating is an effective alternative and worth considering. It will offer you a complete comfort level and cost-effective facilities. Professional Constructors and architects understand the value of the underfloor heating technique as well as they Hire Concrete pump. You will be able to turn your whole house floor into a radiator and improve the temperature level than a traditional radiation system.

Installing this heating system will allow you to eliminate the requirement of radiators and adapt greater design and model flexibility in the case of layout and furnished placement. This option is also available for those who are planning to build open roof living. We are here to guide you through essential factors related to underfloor heating.

This is an ultimate guide that explains to you what underfloor heating actually is and important factors that need to be considered while installing and it.

What is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating is an action or an activity that includes the placing of pipework on the floor while building houses or constructing properties. The purpose of using underfloor heating is to produce a radiator from it and warming up the floor. You will find two types of underfloor heating:

  • Warm water underfloor Heating
  • Electric Underground heating

In the basic term, a wet underfloor heating system is considered as those featured pipes that are filled with warm water and placed under the floor. It is forced and controlled by a boiler, covered underground and embedded by using a screed. Here we will consider the factors based on this Wet Underfloor heating system.

If you are choosing to place a wet underfloor heating system in your house’s floors then you should make sure that separate pipes would run into each room. These features will permit you to control your room temperature and improve those zones which generate create high temperatures. Installing a warm water heating pipes will help you to prevent having heat at unoccupied places.

Factors to consider while installing underfoot heating

1. The thickness of a Screed Required during Underfloor Heating Installation

The thickness of a screed is considered as a layer of cement material that is applied to the floor or surface while placing warm water pipes. A thick layer of screed takes a longer time to warm up the floor, whereas thin layered screed takes less time.

  • If the pipes are installed on the concrete surface in case of building a new home, then the thickness could be 150mm and its reaction time would be 4-5 hours. In this system, you can run the underfloor heating the whole day to keep room temperature low.
  • For the standardized and cemented screed, thickness will be required around 54mm to 80 mm and UFH will take around 2 hours to heat the room or control the temperature.

2.The Decision of Using Floor Covering for UFH Installation

Floor covering is an important factor which is also essential for UFH installation. tiles, stones, and concrete flooring are generally used as a perfect and optimum covering. They are generally used to absorb and insulate the heat and allow it to radiate effectively into the room.

Timber flooring could be another option for insulating heat. The thinner profile of architectured timber has a little considerable effect on the heat outcome. Usage of solid and thick timber flooring layer can be notoriously difficult with wet UHF as it is required to be acclimatized at last for a month.

3.Hire the right Underfloor Heating Supplier

Ultimate success and effective placement of underfloor heating systems can be done with the help of professional UHF suppliers. Choosing the right person can help you to determine accurate factors and their alternatives while installing the heating system. An experienced underfloor heating system company understands your requirements and offers you the best solutions in order to build your perfect house.

The design and architecture of the house play an important role. If the design of the building is wrong then the house owner needs to regret it at the end of the investment. So, hiring the right UHF specialist can provide you the right suggestion and also, make you aware of the factors while choosing underfloor heating systems.

For an effective and reliable solution, we are suggested to contact the underfloor heating supplier and specialists today.

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