Principles of Choosing a Concrete Batching Plant for Your Project

Selecting the right concrete mix plant is a challenging task. It is a decision that involves multiple dimensions. The concrete mix formula is an accurate mixture of your choice of material with predetermined characteristics. The concrete supplier produces it to deliver excellent workability, capacity, strength, and durability.

It would be best if you considered various aspects before choosing a concrete mixing plant that is maximumly favorable for your project.

The following paragraphs will give you insights into the various factors before choosing the concrete mix plant. Read on to get more information.

The Factors That Affect Concrete Mix Plant Selection

All construction projects need concrete as a part of the construction material, so a concrete batching plant becomes necessary to produce concrete for it. Hence, selecting the right concrete plant for your project becomes a technical task. Due to the difference in the construction project, there are many parameters to consider for the concrete batching plant. Pay attention to the below principles for choosing the concrete batching plant.

  • Contribution of Concrete Batching Plant to the Profit of Your Company

Analyze your business and the target market before choosing the concrete batching plant. It will provide an accurate framework to assess various elements you must consider before installing the concrete batching plant.

In businesses, there are financial costs and operating costs involved. Still, some points specific to concrete batching plants must be considered, such as engineering, the project to be undertaken, and auxiliary equipment. Additionally, you need to include the element of amortization of the plant, as a plant is often made for a temporary assignment. Once it is completed, the investment is recovered by moving it to the other site.

  • Regulatory Framework and Logistics

The installation of a concrete batching plant has to comply with legal requirements of local, state and international regulations; it concerns various types of licenses, including the cost to accommodate fences and enclosures.

In any project, one must pay attention to assembly procedures, which involve operating the machine correctly and maintenance. All these may add extra expenses, and they should be considered.

  • Suitable Concrete Batching Plant for Your Business

The choice of batching plant affects your business. Some businesses require the installation of multiple concrete batching plants. Either there is a plant to sell concrete or to supply concrete for construction work daily. Each project demands its peculiarities and conditions for choosing the concrete batching plant.

  • Strength of Concrete

The compressive structure of concrete plays a crucial role in several describable properties to keep the concrete solid. It is needed at a particular stage of construction, generally between 28 to 30 days, to determine the proportions of water and cement to make an ideal concrete mix.

  • Concrete Workability

The workability of concrete ensures satisfactory performance, placement and compaction during the construction process. Additionally, the amount and areas of spacing that must be reinforced and compaction techniques are other crucial factors in determining the workability of concrete.

In narrow sections, it is essential to use high-workability concrete to ensure the successful compaction of concrete. You can test the workability of concrete mix using slump tests.

  • Quality Control

Evaluate the various testing methods to achieve quality control. It can be measured by the variations of properties of the concrete mix materials such as aggregates, sand or cement. The lack of concrete testing services and curing can affect quality control measures.

  • Durability

Durable concrete mix can withstand damage and dangerous environmental conditions. High-durable concrete is efficient in rendering the strength of any construction project.

Suppose the contractor does not want high-strength concrete but needs exposure in highly stable conditions so the water-cement ratio can meet the particular demand. The concrete mix will be less durable if the water and cement ratio is higher.

  • Custom Solutions

The concrete batching plant facilitates relocation and is the most suitable for railway or road projects. Various types of concrete batching plants carry out the complete process of making concrete. Theoretically, they can be fixed, constructed, or prefabricated plants.

Depending upon the available space, you can choose a vertical or horizontal concrete batching plant in which the cement, aggregator, water and additives are mixed with belts and augers. RMS Concrete also provides various concrete mixers, such as turbo mixers.


RMS Concrete has a long experience installing concrete batching plants, and our specialists can benefit your project with their knowledge so that you can get the concrete mix plant you need. They take into account the objectives of your project before suggesting you a concrete mix. Visit our website for a range of concrete mixers and pumps for all your construction needs.


After reading the above points, choosing a concrete batching plant will be easier. If you still have further questions about the concrete mix

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