Ready-Mix Concrete – Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Construction Project

Ready mix concrete is a readily available form of concrete that is used for construction projects. It is made at the factory or batching plant where it is mixed as per the standard procedure; this will save time and costs for mixing concrete on site. Ready-mix concrete is extensively used in the construction industry for two main reasons – to reduce labour costs and to increase productivity.

RMS Concrete produces concrete under computer-controlled systems and transports it to your site in unhardened form. The concrete is custom-made to suit your specific construction requirements, making you pay only for what you order. We are fully equipped with a concrete mixing plant, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, etc.

Moreover, ready-mix concrete is beneficial for confined spaces for which making concrete reach the site could be expensive.  

Let’s look at a few parameters that make concrete mix a low-cost solution for construction projects. 

  • Assurance of Quality

The main objective of constructing a building is to maintain quality work on the site. Using ready-mix concrete will guarantee fine-quality concrete with advanced equipment. A good quality ready-mix concrete maintains a higher grade of the aggregates. 

Regular concrete will make it difficult for you to maintain a water-cement ratio. Some companies, such as RMS Concrete, walk the extra mile to check the mixed concrete’s water and cement ratio before it is delivered to you. 

  • Ecological 

Ready-mix concrete is a reusable and power-efficient solution for your project. The main ingredients in formulating concrete mix are gravel, stone, sand and water, readily available in nature and cause less harm to your structure when collocated with other construction materials such as steel. 

The leftover ready-mix concrete is easily recycled. If you order ready-mix concrete from a local company in your area, you will also decrease the consumption of fuel used for transportation. 

  • Saves Construction Cost

By using ready-mix concrete, you can significantly reduce electricity consumption at your work site. All the necessary ingredients are well balanced in the concrete, making it durable for your structure. It is tailor-made to your construction’s needs, meaning it gets delivered in the exact amount, so there is less chance of material being wasted.

Additionally, since it is delivered per your needs, you will save money on concrete storage. 

  • Recycles Waste 

Ready-mix concrete provides an opportunity to significantly reduce waste, which makes it easy to recycle and reuse returned concrete. Instead of having to discharge returned concrete out of the drum and find some ways to dispose of it, we add the admixtures into the drum. We convert unused plastic concrete into a hardened granular state used in fresh concrete as a partial replacement for aggregates. 

Such innovations in ready-mix operations are rapidly becoming an essential asset across the concrete production process. It has numerous advantages for environmental benefits. It tremendously improves the efficiency, accuracy and sustainability of concrete. As a result, the cost of concrete production is reduced, enabling producers to offer affordable rates.

  • Automation 

RMS Concrete’s system is developed to overcome manual labour and its cost. We offer a new level of concrete quality control and help increase the consistency of concrete mix in the truck. It improves job site efficiency and minimises expensive project delays. Our advanced vehicles conserve materials by delivering concrete that consistently meets specifications, avoiding rejected loads. 

Our latest fleet of Euro 5/6 vehicles are emission zone compliant. It provides increased fuel efficiency and minimises the negative environmental impacts. Earlier, the truck driver used to determine the timing of cycles with minimal information about substantial consistency. On the contrary, our mixers now give instructions to the driver for the timing of rotations. The number of high-speed revolutions is reduced with our advanced vehicles, representing significant fuel savings. 

  • Saves Time & Money 

Advanced technology for the production of ready-mix can save time and money with improved construction safety. It provides engineers with real-time data on the quality of infrastructure to make the best decisions for building and its maintenance while offering protection to drivers and workers. The properties of ready-mix concrete help you build long-lasting infrastructure to reduce maintenance and other costs. 

Benefits of Opting For RMS Concrete 

  • Our advanced vehicles and control system ensure smooth production. 
  • Superior ready-mix concrete quality due to unique dosing and weighing systems, allowing precise aggregate measurements. 
  • All components and systems are well installed at our batching plant to make the concrete mix. 
  • Our concrete mix is suitable for all types of weather conditions. 
  • Custom concrete solutions. 


RMS Concrete is a leading ready-mix concrete manufacturer in London, Kent and Essex. We provide concrete solutions at a competitive price, keeping sustainability at the centre of our strategy. Our specialists are passionate about what they do and offer you the best concrete solutions for your project. Get in touch with us today!

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