Ready Mix Concrete Vs. Site Mix Concrete: A Brief Overview

Concrete can be called the most utilised construction material on the planet. It comprises several natural ingredients, so it is considered recyclable and eco-friendly. Aggregates, water and Portland cement, are the three components with which concrete is made up of.

The two most commonly utilised types of cement used in the construction job are site mixed or normal concrete and ready mixed concrete. It is imperative to select the perfect type for your construction project.

Although both concrete types are sustainable options, it depends on your specific project conditions and which one will suit you best for your project. So, in this blog post, we will focus on comparing both these concrete types to help you make a practical decision. Let’s get started with our discussion to understand this well.

Why Do You Need An Excellent Quality Of Concrete Mix For Your Construction Project?

A good quality concrete mix is essential to ensure that you create a strong foundation. Often, it involves some level of preparation in which a blend of materials helps to effectively build the needed durability and strength for your concrete structure.

As each of the ingredients present in the concrete mix possesses different properties, it can be challenging to develop a good quality concrete mix. To know about the current physical properties of your materials, it is a must first to test all the components.

Distinctions Existing In Between Ready Mix Concrete And Site Mix Concrete

While outlining the differences between these two types of concrete, you need to consider several factors. These factors include waste, distribution, time, equipment, storage equipment, recommended application, workforce, quality and other important considerations.

Ready Mix Concrete

The ready mix concrete is ideally manufactured in a factory. After that, it is delivered to the construction site in a plastic or unhardened state, completely ready for usage. This particular concrete type is expressed in cubic meters and is sold to customers by volume.

A ready mix of concrete always guarantees high sustainability and durability. In the factory, the formation of this mixture occurs in a higher quantity. Often, it is more precise as most of the work is carried out by professional suppliers.

Site Mix Concrete

This concrete type is mainly prepared on-site, as evident from its name. Different components are involved in mixing this particular type of concrete. Again, the mixing of this concrete occurs in specific ratios to achieve your desired strength.

This specific method requires you to use formulas to find out the total number of steps and the number of materials you need. To avoid any quality conflicts with their structure, professional concrete workers should be careful and precise with the proportions of their materials. Your ultimate goal is to achieve your desired consistency.

Which One Is The Best To Choose?

For most construction projects, ready mix concrete is considered a much better option. It is because it provides a much better quality of concrete when compared to site mix concrete.

But one of the most important factors to consider is the location of your project, as your transportation requirements are going to determine which concrete suits your project. So, while making your decision, you need to consider all of the integral points discussed in the above section.

Professionals in this industry often recommend choosing RMC from a reputed concrete supplier. It is well-suited if you are working on a large scale project where you require a higher volume of concrete. But, for smaller-scale projects such as a home renovation, you can go for site mix concrete as the concrete volume needed in this case is not that high.

Wrapping Up

We hope, now, you have clearly understood the fundamental differences existing between RMC and site mix concrete once you are done with reading this blog post. If you require RMC, you can go for the best product for your construction project from a reliable ready mix concrete Kent supplier like RMS Concrete.

At RMS Concrete, we provide excellent quality concrete solutions at an affordable price. Throughout the years, we have continuously served both commercial and residential clients. For more information on ordering quality concrete delivered straight at your construction site, get in touch with our professional experts today.

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