Reasons to buy Accridiated Readymix Concrete

Making the wrong choice of concrete for the project’s construction can cost you a significant amount of money. It will derail your project and waste your time. Ready-mix concrete offers a perfect mix of efficient cement crucial for each construction project. It is made of various natural resources; it is recyclable and eco-friendly. There are five main ingredients in concrete mix- water, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, cement, and air. In addition, pozzolanic materials and chemical admixtures can be also incorporated into the mix. The perfect proportions will optimize the concrete mix and give it durability, strength, and other desirable properties. 

Rather than getting mixed at the construction site, it gets mixed at a manufacturing plant and transported to the site. It has enabled the construction industry to achieve sustainable and more prominent buildings with utmost efficiency.

However, each construction site has unique needs and requires a different level of strength. Hence, ready-mix concrete is a perfect choice for it. 

Why should you prefer a concrete mix for your project?

Read on to know about what makes concrete mix an efficient choice for domestic and commercial purposes.

  • Reliable

An accredited concrete meets the guidelines and standards of the concrete industry. Non-accredited concrete may be cheaper, but you cannot rely on it to serve the purpose. Initially, you may consider it, considering the price factor. But it lacks durability and strength in the long run, resulting in severe structural damage.

  • Durable

Concrete mix is manufactured under controlled conditions, using the best ingredients. It can endure extreme and frequently changed weather conditions without showing any signs of decay. The more durable the concrete mix is, the more resilient it will be during severe weather conditions.

  • It’s Safer

Site mixed cement is known for releasing tiny particles of cement dust into the air. This dust can have an ill effect on the lungs and skin; you will not have to worry about the health aspect with the ready mix concrete as it is safe for the workers.

  • Better Quality

No matter how much precision is put into site mix concrete at the construction site, there will be a chance of inconsistency. Ready-mix concrete will always prevail over human labor. The building construction services are equipped with advanced manufacturing machines, producing exceptional quality concrete.

  • There is no waste

Ready-mix concrete ensures that there is no unnecessary wastage of products. It deals with early hardening issues of concrete, meaning you will receive the exact amount you need. You will create concrete as much is required and can make more batches if needed. Half a bag of concrete will never be left unused with ready-mix concrete for construction services.

  • Saves Time

As the name suggests, ready-mix concrete will arrive ready to use. You will not have to spend hours mixing the concrete yourself. You will have a lot of time to focus on other tasks to help the project get completed on time. Efficient time management means a construction project can run smoothly without any interruptions.

  • Versatility

A concrete mix is available in a form suitable for your project. You can rest assured that the accredited concrete mix will be able to meet the specific needs of the project. It has several benefits, such as financial advantage, which guarantees the integrity and longevity of the structure.  

  • The law requires it

As per the National House Building Council, concrete used in the construction of new homes must fit the BSI standard, which also applies to Government buildings. If a company fails to adhere to mentioned regulations, it can result in severe sanctions on their construction. Also, they may have to pay the fines.

  • Economical Choice

It saves time, labor, and money. No equipment and materials are needed to mix your concrete. There will be no need for the mix, mixer, aggregates, and other relevant materials. No batch will go to waste as it is being delivered to construction sites after computerized batching machinery.

  • Customizable

Concrete mix can be tailored to your needs. Various construction works have multiple strengths and requirements. Hence, it is essential to adjust the composition of the concrete for varied conditions. Irrespective of the project you are working on, it provides a suitable and sustainable foundation for it.


RMS Concrete is a leading supplier of BSI-certified ready-mix concrete in London, Kent, and Essex. We take pride in supplying all types of supreme quality concrete for domestic and commercial use. Our services include: 

  • Ready-mix
  • On-site mix
  • Screed mix
  • Concrete pumping
  • Waterproof mix
  • Concrete line pump
  • Concrete boom pump

Our team of specialists understands the challenges and logistics of modern-day construction and provides concrete mix accordingly. They use modern tools and techniques to deliver concrete mix on time at a cost-effective rate. Contact us for more information on quality concrete, location, and price.

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