Safety Practices To Follow When Working With Ready Mixed Concrete

Working with ready mixed concrete is a pretty common sight at any construction site. It is necessary to impose certain practices while performing the job to ensure the safety of the operators and workers at the site. The people involved in the delivery, pouring, and other tasks related to the concrete need to be trained appropriately. Adequate information about the dangers and hazards that could occur can equip them with the necessary safety measures. Numerous precautions should be placed to prevent any kind of occupational distress or mishap during a construction project.

Handle Ready Mixed Concrete With Care

Concrete is a relatively safe material to work with; nevertheless, you need to take some precautions when working with a concrete mix. The composition is such that it involves certain harmful chemicals and compounds that need to be kept away from direct contact. All personnel assigned to handling the mixed concrete of the concrete pump should wear the appropriate safety gear. These work wonders to protect the exposed areas of your body. Use this checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary safety equipment while working on the field.

  • Waterproof rubber gloves: Make the working with raw concrete safe and efficient
  • Safety glasses: Needed for concrete dust
  • Earplugs: Avoid the concrete dust in your auditory canal
  • Hard construction hat: Protects the head from any injuries via the equipment
  • Long sleeves and full-length trousers: Avert the exposure of the chemicals with the skin
  • Heavy-duty boots: Eliminates the possibility of burns on the feet

Be Apprehensive of All the Safety Hazards Aptly

The work zone involving a lot of heavy-duty equipment and ready-mixed concrete needs to be hazard-proof at all times. One can mitigate the mishaps by implementing the use of proven safety techniques and equipment for each and every construction project. The entire staff present on the field should be aware of the safety hazards and prepare to avert them as best as possible.

Respiratory Irritation

The construction site can present a dusty environment. Working with concrete dust for an extended period leads to the possibility of irritation in the respiratory tract. They can cause distress and acute swelling in the bronchial tubes. Using concrete pumps and ready mixed concrete can significantly reduce the amount of dust generated. Therefore avoid mixing the concrete on the site to avert this occupational hazard.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burn and other diverse skin problems are caused due to direct contact with wet concrete. Prolonged exposure should be avoided at all times. The employees should be trained on how to mix additives and admixtures without being exposed to the chemicals. Heavy-duty boots and gloves should be mandatory on the job site for the prevention of severe chemical burns. 

Physical injuries due to accidents

Apart from the chemical and toxic dangers of concrete, there is always a pertaining risk of physical accidents at any construction site. These include injuries from falling objects, using the concrete pump incorrectly, and falls from elevated platforms. Make sure that all these mishaps are avoided, and the staff practice safe processes.

Maintain the Equipment Regularly

When working with ready mixed concrete, the personnel has to deal with various kinds of machinery. These tools have to be maintained on a timely basis throughout the duration of the process as well as after the completion of the project. Adopt appropriate teaching and training methodologies for inexperienced staff members to help them handle them precisely and carefully. Avail of the best ready-mixed concrete prices by collaborating with us to keep up with the pace of the project and avoid any catastrophes due to haste.

Delegate Each Task Beforehand

There are several stages of working with mixed concrete. Some of these are preparation of the base, transporting the ready-mixed concrete, and laying the concrete using a concrete pump. It is best to plan ahead, book the mixed concrete delivery beforehand, and designate the proper person to handle each process. Such an organisation will eliminate the chances of accidents with volumetric trucks of ready-mixed concrete and avoid any mishaps due to haphazard management. Having easy-to-navigate paths laid makes the recipe for a safe and efficient workspace when working with concrete.

Lastly, Create an Ergonomically Sound Environment

Whenever you look at the safety measures to be implemented while working with mixed concrete, look after the ergonomics. Order concrete pumps with ready mix concrete to avoid hurting your back or body while working on large-scale projects. Follow proper lifting techniques when working with heavy machinery and concrete. Maintain a clean and debris-free site to avert accidents. If you are using a wheelbarrow, do not overload it as it can be harmful to the musculoskeletal system. Since construction sites can be confined in terms of space, use it wisely to get the task done.

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