Significance of Concrete Pumping for Residential & Commercial Construction

A couple of decades ago when the use of advanced concrete pumps was not that popular among construction professionals, constructing residential or commercial buildings and structures used to be an utterly frustrating and challenging task. During those times, due to the unavailability of concrete pumps, construction professionals used to confront several problems.

They used to experience everything from reduced efficiency and rework to wastage and project delays. Project delays used to be due to factors like labor strikes, bad weather, errors in plans, designs, and specifications, etc. On the other hand, reduced productivity used to stem from factors such as delayed delivery of materials like sand, cement, and bricks, etc., on the job site, and unavailability of skilled workers for producing concrete.

Similarly, increased wastage used to result from factors like inaccurate material estimation, and the use of wheelbarrows for transporting concrete from one location to another within the construction site.

However, the introduction and implementation of concrete pumps have changed the scenario completely.

Today, the execution of construction projects has become way too simple when compared to earlier times because of the easy availability of concrete pumping services. Concrete pumping is nothing, but the use of line pumps and boom pumps to transport freshly prepared concrete to the required location within a construction site.

Top Benefits of Concrete Pump Hire Services

Fastest Way of Transporting Liquid Concrete

Concrete pumping is the fastest way of supplying freshly prepared concrete to inaccessible areas in the construction site. If you are working on a small-scale construction project, the company from where you hire concrete pumping services might use line -pumps to supply concrete. In other words, line pumps – which pump concrete at low volumes are an excellent option for small construction projects. These pumps come with flexible hoses for transporting concrete.

For supplying concrete quickly to remote areas, you have to connect the hoses.

However, if you are working on a large-scale project, the company offering concrete pumping service will use boom pumps because they pump concrete at high volumes.

Possessing a hydraulic arm; boom pumps can easily transport liquid concrete to difficult to reach locations.

Minimizes Labour Cost

The use of concrete pumping services reduces the need for hiring a large number of skilled laborers, which plays a significant role in reducing labor cost. Since it’s hard to find skilled laborers at cost-effective rates nowadays, it’s better to rely on concrete pumping services.

Reduces Wastage

Gone are the days, when construction workers used to supply concrete to the required location with the help of wheelbarrows. It was the time when wastage was quite common because the material used to spill from wheelbarrows during the transportation process. Nowadays, you can save that wastage by using concrete pumping services. Since you don’t have to transport the material manually anymore, it prevents material spillage.

Minimizes Project Cost

Since concrete pumping helps in reducing wastage, it eventually decreases project cost. On top of that, you don’t even have to think about storing the material like sand, cement, and aggregates, etc., because your concrete supplier takes care of it.

To be specific, concrete pumping services not only help in minimizing wastage but they are equally vital for lessening storage cost, which ultimately leads to the reduction of the overall project cost.

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