Tips for Preparing For a Ready-mix Concrete Delivery

Once you have placed the order for the concrete delivery from a trusted ready mix concrete company in Kent, it is best to complete the preparations for receiving the delivery. Depending upon the mix required for the construction project, one has to take varying actions to get the concrete laid efficiently soon after the delivery. This is essential as one can manage to get the texture, measurements, and the perfect finishing of the slab but if the base is not done appropriately, we can observe cracks, damage, and other issues on the newly poured concrete.

Avoid Chaos on the Site

Whether the construction is on a large scale basis or the ready mix concrete is needed for a small domestic DIY project it is necessary to be well prepared when the ready-mix concrete arrives. This is because one can slow down the concrete hardening processes with a few additives, it needs to be placed as well as set soon after it is mixed. Also, many companies begin to charge fees if the pumps are delayed on-site by a certain time limit. Here’s a list of a few things that one can keep in check to ensure that the site is ready before the arrival of the material.

1 Prepare the Base in Advance

The manager should plan to get the leveling and compacting of the base done at least one to two days in advance. Along with this create the timber frames that you plan to use beforehand as well. Such panning will help with avoiding any delays or cancellation charges in case something goes wrong. Getting this done is extremely efficient as it avoids scrambling in haste when the pump arrives. Use thick pieces of timber for a strong and stable framework that withhold the material successfully.

2 Clear the Space for the Truck

It is always a good idea to clear the site entrance and ensure there are no debris, rocks, bushes, stones, or old concrete in the area. An unobstructed path works best for a cement truck as it prevents property damage. In case the construction site does not have a suitable area nearby to park the truck, one can ask for pumps to transfer the ready-mix concrete to the site. Uninhibited access points aid in saving both time and money. A few ready mix concrete suppliers in Kent can visit the site beforehand in order to discuss and flag the access points and the area for the truck so that the workers can steer clear from it.

3 Ensure the Safety of the Workers

In the limited time that the workers have to deal with the concrete from the moment it leaves the truck and is laid onto the base, there are high chances that the workers get exposed to wet concrete. The in-charge should ensure that they are dressed appropriately in the designated clothes. The safety gears should be in the vicinity and tools of the trade nearby. Everyone should also be well aware and trained in their designated tasks so there is no hustle-bustle or confusion at the critical time.

4 Finally, Check the Weather

Weather situations play an important role in the construction industry. It is always wise to check for the chances of a downpour or other bad weather conditions on the day of the delivery. Covering the site in such circumstances helps prevent damage and avert wastage of resources. Certain seasons like the summer are preferable for laying concrete, and the task can be performed in other seasons as well with the help of the correct mix of additives in the ready-mix concrete.

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