Types of Concrete Pumps & Their Significance

There are numerous cutting-edge machines or tools that are used by building professionals these days to simplify construction process, and concrete pumps are some of the most important among them. These advanced concrete pumping machines are crucial for speeding up construction activities. A concrete pump is a powerful tool that is used for supplying liquid concrete to any part of the job site. These concrete pumping machines play a crucial role in streamlining construction activities on the job site.

Let’s take a look at different types of concrete pumps

Boom pumps

Boom pumps are designed exclusively for the large-scale projects, and that’s the reason you see them in commercial construction. These concrete pumping tools are generally attached to large trucks or semi-trailers. A boom pump consists of a remote-controlled robotic arm, which is designed for the precise placement of concrete. Since boom pumps have the capacity to pump concrete at very high volumes, they remain the first choice of general contractors, when it comes to executing large-scale construction projects within tight deadlines.

The use of boom pumps eliminates the need of hiring a large number of workers, which eventually reduces the labour cost. Considering the fact that, finding skilled workers for construction projects is not an easy task these days, so it’s always better to rely on concrete pumps. And the fewer the labourers at the job site, the easier it becomes for general contractors to streamline the operations. In other words, boom pumps play their own role in keeping the site in order, which eventually helps in reducing the cases of accidents at the job site. Falls, trips and slips are very common in job sites, so it’s better to have fewer workers to whom you can easily provide all the necessary protective gears.

Another crucial benefit of Boom pumps is that they can place a much larger volume of concrete per hour when compared to other traditional methods. It helps in enhancing the productivity of building professionals, which ultimately makes it easier for them to accomplish their task within the stringent deadlines. And the best part of using these cutting-edge concrete pumping tools is that concrete is easily placed in any part of the site. However, if the same work is carried out by the construction workers manually, it not only enhances the project life cycle but also creates a lot of chaos in the job site.

Line Pumps

Other important types of concrete pumping machines that are used by construction professionals are line pumps. They are designed mainly for small to medium sized construction projects, so they pump concrete at a lower volume when compared to boom pumps. These concrete pumping equipment use flexible hoses for placing concert. These truck mounted equipment to make it extremely simple for the workers to transport liquid concrete to any part of the building or structure in question.

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