Why Use Ready Mix Concrete Over Site Mixed Concrete

Produced under controlled conditions and delivered to a construction site in the ready-to-use form, ready mix concrete is gaining high popularity among building contractors and is considered far superior to site mixed concrete.

In the last couple of years, the on-site production of concrete has reduced in a significant manner. The reason most contractors are avoiding site mixed concrete nowadays is that its production requires skilled professionals, high-end mixing equipment, and a notable amount of time. Apart from that, contractors also have to deal with the burden of ordering raw materials.

However, if you talk about ready mix concrete, which has become the number one choice for small, medium, and large-scale construction projects doesn’t involve any of these problems.

Here is a detailed description of why you should opt for ready mix concrete over site-mixed concrete.

It’s an Excellent Quality Concrete

A batching plant consists of all the sophisticated equipment such as large bins for storing raw materials, weigh batchers for measuring sand, cement, and aggregates, and advanced mixers for mixing them, which eventually helps in producing high-quality ready mix concrete.

Besides, the concrete experts also check the quality of sand, cement, and aggregates through rigorous testing before using them to produce ready mix concrete.

However, when it comes to site mixed concrete, you can’t rely on its quality because it’s highly difficult for building contractors to arrange high-end equipment and skilled concrete experts to produce it.

It Reduces Wastage

The use of site mixed concrete leads to a significant amount of material wastage. The incidents of wastage generally occur when building professional have to supply concrete to different areas of the construction site with the help of wheelbarrows.

Apart from that, sometimes you end by buying extra raw materials due to inaccurate material estimation, which also leads to wastage.

However, when you opt for ready mix concrete, you eliminate the room for wastage. Since your concrete supplier will use advanced volumetric trucks to supply concrete to your construction site, you can pay for the exact amount of material you use.

In short, when you use concrete as per your requirement, you don’t have to pay for buying extra material. Apart from that, construction professionals use high-end equipment to supply ready mix concrete to the exact location, which saves wastage.

It Minimises Labour Cost

The use of ready mix concrete eliminates the requirement of too many workers on the construction site because you carry out everything with the assistance of machines.

In other words, because both the production and transportation of concrete is carried out with the support of advanced equipment, it eliminates the need for hiring skilled laborers, which eventually reduces the labor cost.

It Eliminates the Burden of Ordering Raw Materials

When you opt for ready mix concrete, you don’t have to go through the hectic process of buying raw materials such as cement, sand, and aggregates. And this gives a peace of mind to building contractors because they don’t have to search for reliable raw material providers.

It Removes The Need for Arranging Storage

If you opt for site mixed concrete, you have to arrange storage bins for securing the raw materials, which increases your project cost. However, the use of ready mix concrete removes the requirement of storage bins, which eventually eliminates storage cost.

So, whether you are thinking of executing a residential construction project or a commercial construction project, make sure you order ready mix concrete for it to save wastage.

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