Why Are Concrete Floors Ideal For Your Home And Office Premises

Concrete is one of the most used materials at any construction site. Though it has been around for quite a while and has been utilized in various sizes, shapes, and forms, there are numerous misconceptions about what ready mix concrete is, what it can do, and how it can be used. Plain concrete slabs have served as the flooring material for basements, garages, patios as well as utility areas for several years now. Concrete can be considered as a viable material for floors at home and in-office interiors, where it can be etched, polished, or stained to serve as a finished flooring surface. Let us read about some of the factors that make ready mix concrete floors ideal for home and office premises.

Easy to Maintain and Repair

Concrete flooring has always been popular for hard-working commercial areas like garages and warehouses because the structural concrete pad is extremely strong and durable by nature. Ready-mix concrete has identical virtues when used as a residential flooring material. It cannot be easily damaged by pet claws, furniture legs, and other such items. The chipping or scratching of the surface occurs only when something extreme aims at damaging it. Maintaining the floor by sealing or waxing every six months to nine months maintains the protective layer. The day to day maintenance can be done by simply sweeping or mopping the floors. If the floors crack or settle over time, they can easily be repaired by patching, grinding, or refinishing the floor in order to restore its shine.

Plenty of Design Options

When we think of concrete flooring, most people picture dull, gray, and boring results. But the scenario with concrete flooring is quite the opposite. There are numerous options to modify the concrete before pouring as well as polish it after to make the floors look extremely sophisticated and well designed for an office or a residence. Some of the creative options while using concrete for flooring include staining, polishing the floors, painting a customized stencil, trying quarts concrete floors for a modernized look, or going for a metallic epoxy floor for a classy interior. Ready-mix concrete is completely versatile when it comes to design and variety. There are many ideas to get unique and durable flooring using concrete.

Extremely Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Once the concrete flooring is laid out efficiently, it can last for decades without replacement. It is considered to be a sustainable option as the components of ready mix concrete; sand, silica, cement, and aggregate are free of allergens and odors that might be an inevitable part of laying new carpets or other kinds of flooring. Over the years ‘off-gassing’ from carpets and other flooring materials can lead to multiple volatile organic compounds or VOC which can be harmful. The concrete floors do not require harsh chemicals in order to get them cleaned. It is also considered to be a sustainable option as it often uses the concrete slab that is already available in the building. Concrete floors can really help in enhancing the building’s eco-credentials.

Lastly, They Are Cost-effective and Safe

When we consider all the above-mentioned factors, being easily maintained, repaired, and durable for long periods of time makes it really cost-effective in the long run. These floors are hypoallergenic and hence safe for residents or employees who are prone to allergies. Coating with epoxy also prevents the surface from getting slippery and no accidents occur. Epoxy floors are slip-resistant which makes them safer for vehicles as well as workers. The polished ready-mix concrete floors are quicker to install which also means that the business will not have to be stalled for a long time.

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