Why Select Ready Mix Concrete Over Premixed Concrete Bags?

Ready mix concrete offers the ideal mix of effortless pouring and efficiency, an integral aspect of almost every construction project. You will require the proper grade of concrete to accomplish your project, and it should be delivered to the site on time. The most important thing is to ensure that the mixing of the concrete is carried out professionally.

Are you looking for a concrete supplier to supply concrete to your site? If yes, then before choosing one, you should first know about the reasons why to select ready mixed concrete over premixed concrete bags. Well, don’t worry, this guide is dedicated to solving your related queries. So, let’s begin with our informative journey.

Reasons To Opt For Ready Mix Concrete Over Premixed Concrete Bags

  • It Is Known To Be The Economical Option

You can get several benefits by choosing not to mix on-site yourself. It helps to save labour and time effectively, and you can rest assured by assigning your work to the experts. Also, in this case, you would not require the materials and equipment used to mix your concrete.

So, it means less initial outlay. Another best part about the ready mix is that there will be less need to store the mixer, aggregates, mix, etc. Again, there is no chance that a batch will go wrong. The ready mixed concrete is delivered to the site after being skillfully mixed using computerised batching machinery.

  • It Is Very Easy And Convenient To Schedule

In the case of ready mix concrete, you would not have to give hours for mixing the concrete yourself. Here, you can choose the delivery slot that is timed perfectly to fit your schedule. On the other hand, if you opt for premixed concrete bags, you will find that the overall process is unpredictable.

You do not know when your concrete will be ready in mass quantities. So, it would be a great idea to choose ready mix concrete as in this case; you would be able to manage your time better. And this will ensure that the overall construction projects run stress-free and smooth.

  • It Is A Durable Option To Choose

As your ready mix concrete is manufactured under controlled conditions using the best available ingredients and so, your concrete is guaranteed to be durable and robust.

It has been tested for many years to check whether it can endure extreme weather conditions. It is also proved to be abrasion-resistant and contributes to providing industry-standard strength. So, you can rely on the durability of ready mixed concrete.

  • It Is Customised According To Your Requirements

You can customise your concrete mix as per your requirements by choosing ready mix concrete. It is another benefit which aids in saving your time as well. By assigning your mixing work to the experts, you can use that time to carry out other essential tasks.

You can again do the specification of certain concretes like structural and self-consolidating. And, if you have any special requirements, you can ask the supplier to consider those for your project.

  • It Is Safer

Bagged cement has a bad reputation in the market as it is known to release tiny cement dust particles into the air. If you fail to wear the right PPE at all times, then the dust can irritate your lungs and your skin.

By using ready mix concrete, you would not have to be concerned about the health and safety aspect. The best part is that you will get the wet concrete mix delivered in bulk which helps to make your overall work easy and manageable.

  • It Helps To Reduce The Wastage

There is a 10 to 12% reduction in cement consumption in the case of ready mix concrete. All of this is made possible with better handling and appropriate mixing practice. A concrete supplier will prepare the product in fixed quantities and measured manner. It ensures the best quality of the product.

Also, it effectively reduces the faltering risk at some measurements, which was causing harm to the overall mixture. Hence, it has to be done away with. Another benefit of using ready mixed concrete is that it also reduces the storage space for the basic materials at the construction site.

In this way, you can save a lot on capital investment as you do not have to hire machinery and plant. Therefore, using ready mix concrete helps to successfully avoid the wastage of the raw materials concerned with the construction process.

Final Thoughts

After reading this comprehensive guide, I hope you have a clear idea about choosing ready mixed concrete over premixed concrete bags. You can opt for the best product for your requirements from any trusted ready mix concrete Essex suppliers like RMS Concrete. So, what are you waiting for?

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